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Yes, advertising on Cocopod Club is possible!

We at Cocopod Club strive to keep our directory updated with podcasts owned and made by Filipinos all around the world. As so, our audience is largely composed of 20 to 30 year old millennials who are craving for quality Filipino content. We also have a global reach, since podcasts may be listened to by anyone with an Internet connection.

By marketing through our website, you can reach an audience hungry for content from rising Filipino influencers.

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Podcast Sponsorship

Yes, podcast sponsorship can be extremely effective!

The great thing about sponsoring a podcast is the fact that a podcast normally has a niche market and a very loyal following. Partnering up with podcasters is a great way to reach an immediate market that will only perpetually add up in time. Check out 7 more reasons why podcast ads are effective:

Our directory at Cocopod Club features podcasts that tackle different topics, such as video games, movies, and interesting people. As so, you will undoubtedly be able to find a podcaster who reflects your business philosophy and reaches your target market!

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