How To Make Your First 100,000 Pesos | The Millions Podcast

The Millions Podcast is an in-depth discussion of business and personal finance for millennials by millennials. It is hosted by Francis Dolojan of, in partnership with Cocopod Club.
Ever wondered how to make your first 100,000 pesos? In Episode 1 of The Millions Podcast, Francis, Jeff, and Gio talk about how Filipino millennials today can make their first 100,000 pesos. With their varying perspectives (businessman, employee, intern, and college student), they’ll discuss their ideas, which range from the silly (rob a bank, sabong, and lotto tickets) to the practical (sales, entrepreneurship, and investments). Moreover, they go on to talk about how to create systems that can help you have continuous income – the right way.
So, open-minded ka ba?
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